Free peekaboo with your order

If you do not dare to order a really extreme bikini, we will give it to you for free with your next order!

This promotion works as follows:

You will get a free Peekaboo thong (bottom only) if you order is higher than 50€, but if your order is higher than 100€, then you will get a free Peekaboo Bikini combination.

You must use the code PEEKABOO when placing the new order. Valid promotion until August 29th.

Don’t wait any longer, visit our new online shop and start buying the mini bikini designs and lingerie you like the best for your next vacation, at the sea or by the pool.

Be aware that you will not see the Free peekaboo in your order, but if you put the code you will receive it with your order. Please leave us a comment in the order with the peekaboo and colour that you prefer. We will send you the most similar item according to our available stock.

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