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3 different coupons to use

This week we have created a new end of summer offer for you! You can [...]

Cameltoe bikini with a 25% discount

Until the end of the month, we will have some of our bikinis and lingerie [...]

The Peekaboo Tear drop thong with a 15% discount!

This weekend we have our hottest best seller with a great discount: The Peekaboo Tear drop thong with a 15% discount! The Peekaboo Tear drop [...]

Free peekaboo with your order

If you do not dare to order a really extreme bikini, we will give it to [...]

25% discount on our hot High Leg Micro Bikini! 👙

Only for three days we have our new High leg V-front micro bikini bottom with a 25% [...]

Radikal Bikini bottom with a 25% discount!

Only this weekend. The most extreme and sexy Radikal Bikini bottom with a 25% discount! Our Radikal Bikini [...]

Mini bikinis category Category with a 20% discount!

Summer is here!! This weekend we have the Mini bikinis category Category with a 20% discount! Attract [...]

Super sexy Scorpion Crochet bikini! with a 20% discount!

We are glad to let you know that this weekend we have our super sexy Scorpion Crochet bikini! with [...]

Get a free bottom with your order

Summer is almost here!! Atract everybody’s attention with one of our sexy micro bikinis. This [...]

25% discount on our Men adjustable string

At the-bikinis.com you can find some unique men strings and swimwear designs that will make all men [...]