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Featured Bikinis

  • Mini with Zipper

    Our Mini with a zipper...real sexy 15,00€

  • Our best seller Micro Bikini

    Micro bottom at only 13,50€

  • Adjustable Brazil

    An adjustable Brazilian front and back 24€

  • Mini Bikini

    The classical mini 13,50€

  • Brazil

    The classical brazilian with tie side strings 24,00€

  • Asymmetric thong

    Our sexy asymmetric thong 15,00€

  • Adjustable String

    You can adjust the front at your taste 13,50€ is a new online store in English of the best known and most prestigious manufacturer in the world of the smallest and most extreme bikinis and thongs in the market,

Our range of most exotic, erotic and sexy small and micro mini bikinis, thongs and strings that are sold only online on our websites, are 100% manufactured in Europe by us. With over 12 years in the online market and more than 37,000 customers worldwide, (in U.S. version, in France, in Spain and in Germany ), selling in more than 52 countries and designing a line of extreme sexiest swimsuits, bikinis and thongs for women (and some male designs).

Rapid delivery by certified mail to any country in the world, and secure shopping with Paypal (credit card) make your favorite bikini store.



Top Sellers

Micro Bikini
Micro Bikini
A minimalist bikini bottom... details
Teardrop For Men
Teardrop For Men
A sexy Teardrop for men details
Teardrop Bikini
Teardrop Bikini
Our Teardrop bikini combination... sexy and extreme? details
Adjustable Brazilian
Adjustable Brazilian
Our brazilian bikini that adjusts front and back... details
Mini Mini Bikini
Mini Mini Bikini
MiniMini, between the Micro and the Mini. details
Mini with Zipper
Mini with Zipper
Mini with zipper Bikini bottom details
A sexy Skirt coverup details

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