New super sexy GOLD colour for all our bikinis

Dear customer,

This week we have launched a new colour for all our bikinis! Be the sexiest and hottest at the beach with one of our Gold bikinis.

Remember you still can choose between our 3 different coupons, all of them giving you a Free shipping + a money discount.

CASHBACK5 : 5€ Off if your product order is 60€ or more
CASHBACK10: 10€ Off if your product order is 100€ or more
CASHBACK25: 25€ Off if your product order is 150€ or more 

Don’t wait any longer, visit our shop and start buying the micro bikini and lingerie you like the best for your next vacation at a resort, at the sea or by the pool.

Don’t miss this opportunity and use the coupon code CASHBACK5, CASHBACK10 or CASHBACK25 when placing the order. Coupon valid until November 14.

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