You choose the look!

You choose the look! Make yourself beautiful and people will see you beautiful.

We have designed for you the perfect complements for all your selection of bikinis and thongs. Whether you are bold, do not like the brands on your skin and have decided to sunbathe with our models of extreme bikinis or instead, today you have decided to take a bath in the sun and water with our range of crochet bikinis, our sexy mini bikinis or our Brazilian bikinis, we have an exclusive range of accessories to cover your skin and continue to accompany you at the time of aperitif.

The quality of our materials, 100% cotton dresses and lycra mini skirt, will cover your skin like a caress, without friction, without allergies, respecting your figure and enhancing your curves.

Enter and discover our flap with steering wheel, sexy and casual, in a wide range of colors that you can combine with all your thongs and bikinis.  As we know that every detail counts, with our g-string accessories you will feel sexy, try it, you will be the sensation!

We want to continue surprising you, our key ring the-bikini, in all the range of colors of our line of bikinis and thongs, made in lycra, will make you feel sexy and different.


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