Autum with the-Bikinis.com

Fall has arrived. Autumn is the period that includes the months of September, October and November in the northern hemisphere and March, April and May in the southern hemisphere.

Autumn is the season when the climate becomes more moderate and days and nights have the same duration.

In this period, the green leaves of the trees turn yellowish and brown, dry and fall helped by the wind that blows with greater force.

It is one of the four seasons, situated between summer and winter. In a literary sense, autumn represents old age in a figurative sense. From this season onwards, the temperatures begin to get colder.

Some lucky people have sun and good temperatures at this time of the year, others  change wardrobe and get ready to fight cold temperatures.

We can always organize a few days of vacation and move to enjoy a few degrees more on a paradise island. For those who live all year round a more or less warm summer and for those of us who have the opportunity to travel we propose that you enter our website www.the-bikini.com and enjoy the water and the sun with our sexy bikinis. We have a great variety of Brazilian bikinis and for the most daring browse among the extreme models, sure you will find some that will fit you perfectly.

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